The Pride of Association

How Your Network & Other People Display "Pride of Association"?
Nothing succeeds like success does and when people start developing pride in associating with you, one is ready for mega success and an inspiring story
One of my favourite phrases in inspirational storytelling / digital storytelling is "The Pride of Association". If we have genuine professional achievements, people around us naturally develop pride of associating with us, over a period of time. Now the question arises, how do people demonstrate pride of association in real life.

Five major types of professional pride come to my mind immediately viz. pride of being interviewed, pride of collaboration, pride in our mentors, pride in our clients and pride of knowing an achiever. In personal life also, sometimes we may have pride of belonging to a certain family.

A) Pride of Being Interviewed

Here are some examples of how authors and speakers across the world, talk with pride about their interviews/stories on our blog "Enlarge Excel Evolve". In fact, the pride is so high at times, that our Blog is listed along with some of the top international publications, which creates pride in us (ALS team) too.
I had conducted my most playful interview with Faisal Hoque, an eminent Entrepreneur based in USA (Shadoka) and contributor to reputed publications like @HuffingtonPost, The interview is listed on his book website here, Everything Connects, A Book by Faisal Hoque & Drake Baer. Lucie Newcomb is a speaker and consultant on global leadership, and SVBJ Women of Influence Awardee (2015). She has listed our interaction at the end of her profile Lucie's interview with Dr Amit Nagpal: Our Philosophy & Offerings

(From top left 1) with eminent cartoonist Sudhir Tailang, 2) with CA Alok Krishan, Dr Sonica Krishan- Author, Sh Balramji Das-Hon'ble Governor of Chattisgarh, Mr Sanjay Tandon, 3) with Dr Karan Singh, eminent statesman 4) with Satpal ji Maharaj, eminent spiritual leader 5) with SBK Singh, Special Commissioner of Delhi Police, Dr Sushi Singh, Head-Educomp Foundation and other dignitaries, 6) with Radharishnan Pillai, author of Corporate Chanakya)

Two more highly inspiring interviews I have conducted are of Global & Greatness Coach Michael Thallium and piano maestro Ananda Sukarlan.

Irene Becker is a Speaker-Writer-Coach and one of the international pioneers in executive coaching. Here is our interesting tete-a-tete entitled Leadership and Enlightened Business. Michel Bauwens, is a Social Entrepreneur, P2P (Peer to Peer) and Commons Pioneer based in Thailand. His interview was part of a series on global leaders, The Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam Interview series on P2P.

B) Pride of Collaboration / Close Association

Here are some examples of how authors and speakers across the world, talk with pride about their guest blog posts and stories on our blog "Enlarge Excel Evolve."

Howard C. Fero, PhD & Rebecca L. Herman, PhD, are Authors & Speakers, based in USA and wrote an interesting guest blog post entitled, Let Your Passion Inspire Others. Susan Ershler is a Mt. Everest climber, Keynote speaker and Author. She wrote a guest blog post Leadership and Perseverance (under Current News -2014 headlines).

A popular joint blog series titled "Two Perspectives" with Dr Janet Smith Warfield is listed on Florida Authors and Publishers Association website. Jennifer Sertl, Author/ Speaker on Agile Leadership has been a great coach and collaborator. Here is our joint series, Hug and Nudge, Joint blog column.

I have reviewed two popular books by well respected authors. One is Zentrepreneur-Get Out of the Way and Lead by John Murphy (also reviewed by Dr. Ken Blanchard, co-author, The One Minute Manager). Another one is Daniel's Diary (a fiction story by Rajeshwari Chauhan. The book has also been reviewed by well known filmmaker Ketan Mehta). I have also reviewed a book on social media, "Weave Model-Global Strategy for Weaving social media into your business" by Khushbu Pandya.

Pride in the Foreword (to the Book)

We also have a pride in getting "Foreword" to our book written by an eminent personality. The foreword to my first book, "From News to Infotainment to Tamasha" was written by well known news anchor and media faculty Ms Vartika Nanda and the foreword to my second book, "The Seven Joys of Life" has been written by eminent British author Alan Jacobs. The book was released by eminent statesman Dr Karan Singh in August 2012.

 C) Pride in Our Mentors

I have huge pride in the fact that I have learnt (and still learning) storytelling from leading global voice of business storytelling Michael Margolis. Similarly I have pride in being a former coachee of Jennifer Sertl (Global Speaker and Huffington Post columnist). In fact, I have always been blessed with great mentors. We also tend to have pride in our Advisors (to our organisation). After all we are nothing but a reflection of our parents and our teachers/ mentors, who have influenced and shaped us into what we are today.

It is also a matter of pride for me to know that my coachees have started developing the pride in being mentored by me. I was really touched after reading this tribute by Vijay Nallawala, a personal branding coach, based in Mumbai, whom I have been mentoring for past three years. Application of storytelling in healing is my hobby and I am associated with New Age Foundation, New Delhi as an Advisor/ Mentor.

D) Pride in Our Clients

Sometimes our clients have more pride in associating with us and sometimes we have more pride in having certain people or organisations as our clients. In few cases, it may be equal and mutual pride and respect.

We at AL Services have pride in having some of the top doctors, Harvard educated entrepreneurs, leading industrialists, global coaches and so on as our clients.

E) Pride of Knowing (Friends and Acquaintances)

When people in your network want to be photographed with you/ seen with you, they demonstrate the pride of knowing (or being your acquaintance). Nothing succeeds like success and when people start developing pride of association, you are ready for mega success and an inspiring story. There is something to learn in every meeting with wonderful human beings like Prakash Hindustani, Sudhir Tailang and Anurag Batra. (Prakash Hindustani is Hindi web journalism pioneer, Sudhir Tailang is India's No 1 cartoonist and Anurag Batra is Chairman, Business World & exchange4media)

Even your team members may have pride in working with you or being part of your team.


As we grow and evolve, we may have pride of association with different kind of people. Some of us may have pride of association with successful people only, while some of us have pride of association with achievers, even if they run NGOs (and have won national international awards for example).

Besides the people mentioned above, I also have pride of association with several globally reputed authors / speakers and coaches, which I have talked about in the last two paragraphs of my brief profile below. Association with credible people enhances our credibility and sometimes our prospective clients may like to cross check our credentials from these people.

I can never forget the pride I had as a child (and still have) in being Mr Bodhraj Nagpal's grandson, a man well known for his humility, generosity and public good. He is no more with us, but the pride continues.

Are you proud of the people around you, your team leader or your mentor or the organisation you work for? I welcome your views and anecdotes.



Dr Amit Nagpal is a Social Media Influencer and a renowned Storyteller / Digital Storyteller. His unique skill lies in inspirational storytelling, anecdotes/ storytelling on social and online media for brand building. He has more than 15 years of work experience in training/coaching and corporates. He has a unique personal story and has featured in several TV, newspaper and online interviews. He tweets at @DrAmitInspires. To follow/ connect on social media, visit OneBio.Me.

Speaker/ Trainer-He has conducted training for reputed organisations including Accenture, Tata Communications, GD Goenka World Institute, and associations including PRSI, DMA, STC India and so on.

Coach-He has coached many CEOs, knowledgepreneurs/ IT entrepreneurs and top professionals in brand storytelling.

Author-He has published 2 books and several eBooks on brand building.

Globally reputed professional- He has collaborated with several globally reputed coaches and authors in USA (New York, Florida), Spain, UK and so on. His articles are part of recommended resources by reputed organisations in USA, Singapore etc and he serves clients in India, UK, South Africa and Spain. His blog 'Enlarge Excel Evolve' is listed on (with audience in 180 + countries) and posts have been translated in several international languages including Italian, Spanish, and others.

He features in all prominent directories of branding professionals viz OneBio.Me,Stephanie Hetu's directory and YPB. His latest international project was with European Union award winning branding expert, Runa Magnus.


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