"On Bonding and Deeper Relationships"-Mini Stories

Here are some mini-stories on human bonding and deeper relationships:-

Bonding and Higher emotions
The disciple, “Guruji, I am very disturbed these days. Are we basically selfish? Are our base feelings stronger than higher emotions? Does our communication reveal our selfishness? Are selfish thoughts the first to come in our mind, even in case of a tragedy? And most importantly are we all selfish or some of us are?”
The Guru, “You have fired a volley of questions. Let me answer in brief one by one. Firstly, to make it simple we can have a scale where one end represents base feelings and the other end represents higher emotions. We all belong to different points on the scale depending upon our evolution and level of consciousness. It is like being at different points in the journey.”
He continues, “Selfish thoughts often come to the mind first because of our self protection mechanism, yet we also feel guilty. We cannot stop the thoughts from coming yet we can stop them from staying. In the Kaliyuga (The Dark Age) most of the people have stronger base feelings and in the Satyuga (The Truth Age), most of the people have stronger higher emotions.”
The disciple, “So what do we do, till the time we evolve.”
The Guru, “Deep and empathetic listening is very crucial for good personal and professional relationships. One more crucial element is highlighting higher emotions and downplaying base feelings. A combination of both (empathetic listening & highlighting higher emotions) would result in genuine bonding in relationships and making progress in the human journey.”
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