Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) And Bring Your Own Soul (BYOS)

BYOD, BYOS-So Ladies and Gentlemen, Bring Your Own Device and Bring (out) Your Own Soul.

Office of the future and Employee of the future

I was speaking at an event organised by IBM & Support Biz, (on Friday 14th June), at Chandigarh, India on "Social Media for SME entrepreneurs". A gentleman from Aircel talked about the office of the future where everyone will bring their own device (BYOD) to the workplace (smartphone, iPad) and organisations will not provide computers.

I immediately thought of "Bring (Out) Your Own Soul". Will the employee connect with the deep self and bring out the soul and passion at work too? Long way to go, it seems, though some companies like Google area already encouraging their employees to work in their areas of passion..

What I See in the Future

Probably the most interesting part of my interaction with CIOs at a recent event, was my prediction that IT and other pioneering industries in India will start meditation (along with spiritual coaching of their employees) in near future to unclutter minds and increase thought leadership/innovation. I talked about how excessive work pressure and stress is leading to clouded thinking (

I shared that these predictions are influenced by Jennifer Sertl's work on Strategy, Leadership and the Soul. (

And the future where meditation is used not to reduce stress but to bring out creativity and innovation among employees, is not too far. 

And they will live joyfully thereafter.


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Dr Amit Nagpal is a Personal Branding Consultant and Mega Success Coach. He is based in New Delhi, India and specializes in personal branding with a holistic touch. His philosophy is, "Enlarge as a Human Being, Excel as a Social Media Being and Evolve as a Personal Brand"

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