3E Story Blogathon

I am excited to launch "World's First 3E Story Blogathon" on 'Global Personal Branding 3E', where 30 Storytellers will tell you a new story for 30 Days, in May 2013. 

30 entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs from across the world, will tell stories, about their struggles and victories, how they found their deep passion, how they learnt an important lesson of life or how they used social media and personal branding for business/career growth.  The Blogathon has four sub themes, in line with my Enlarge, Excel and Evolve philosophy viz deepest passion, personal development, social media and personal branding. .  I had participated in Peter Sterlacci’s Blogathon in June last year and found it to be an effective tool. The blogathon posts were later compiled into an e-book also, and I shall be doing the same. In case you are using story format for the first time and need my help in writing a story, do let me know. 

Here are the guidelines for blog submission and participation:-

1) The Story can be
a)      A personal story of success or a life lesson
b)      A story / case study of client
c)      Any other story relating to deep passion discovering process, personal development, social media and personal branding.

2) At the end of your post, please write a short bio with relevant hyperlinks to your social sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn or your blog.

3) The post length should be between 300-700 words. Submit in a Word document format only, using 12 point Times Roman typeface.

4) You should  address reader comments and promote the blog post through tweets, Facebook updates, LinkedIn updates, etc on the day the blog is published (or the next day in case of any important work).

5) Minor editing may be done at our end like grammar, adding a link etc. For any major changes, your approval shall be taken.

6) It goes without saying that the content should be of high quality and reader friendly.

Feel free to write to us at info@dramitnagpal.com in case you would like to participate or  in case of further queries. The last date for submission of the story is 20th April.

Dr Amit Nagpal
Chief Blogger & Editor
Global Personal Branding 3E
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  1. Looks exciting!! Thanks for your Twitter note, Dr Amit!! Please count me in!!

  2. You are most welcome Walter. Look forward to your contribution!!


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