Mega Success Through Storytelling

Are you getting ready with your story?

It is not only important to tell a good-inspiring story, but, it is crucial to tell it at the right time.

1) When the struggle has become a victory.

2) When you have developed an emotional connect with the audience.
3) When God has added enough drama to make it interesting.

Keep writing the incidents/anecdotes, compile your struggles and successes, and,
When the Time is ripe, the Story appears!!!

My previous post entitled, "Mega Success Through Storytelling on Social Media" got a tremendous response, and I decided to come up with s sequel (compilation of my other stories).

Earlier, storytelling was possible only through films (and other mass media), which was unaffordable/expensive for individuals and small businesses. But the easy availability of social media has given the opportunity to individuals and SMEs to share their stories (or stories of brands and companies) and get easy attention and virality of content. Another huge advantage of storytelling is that stories are remembered much longer, which can be very useful to an entrepreneur. Here is a compilation of some other stories, I have written. Enjoy.

How I used Klout as a Motivation Tool?
Personal Branding' through social media requires deep passion as it takes time and energy. So how does one motivate oneself, to carry on the journey during difficult times.
In my personal branding journey of 2 years, Klout has been one of the major motivation tools. The consistent growth of my score from 50s to mid 70s has given me the energy to keep working hard online (and eventually taking it offline). Personal branding (through social media) in any case is a new and tough industry to get into. Had it not been for the daily doses of motivation I had created for myself through KloutGoogle and Twitter Favourites, I would have accepted defeat long back. (Read More).

Twitter and the Dictator
Once upon a time, there was a small island called “Euphoria.” It was a small and peaceful country and the citizens lived a life of bliss. Not only the literacy rate was 100 %, even the social media literacy rate was 100 % too. Everyone was especially fond of Twitter. One day the democratic government was thrown out in a coup and the Dictator Hellonavich took over and declared himself as the President. Keeping in mind, the popularity of Twiiter, Hellonavich issued the following President’s order to the citizens:- (Read More)

From Media Management to Personal Branding
TV Interview in Hindi (with English translation) which shares my journey from media management to personal branding. (Watch/Read)

How I Regained my Lost Creativity?
I was a very creative person in my childhood and wrote both poetry and prose. At the tender age of 14, my poetry was published in national Hindi newspapers and I was given the title of Baalkavi (child poet). Those golden days came to an end when I got into the career, MBA or rat race whatever you may call it. (Read More)

How I Discovered my Deepest Passion?
YOU GET a good job. Few years pass, you get bored. You get an even better job, few more years pass and you again get bored. After all, what is it that can sustain our attention forever. Why does everything which seemed so exciting, gets boring after a while? Why does this restlessness not come to an end? Why, why, why? (Read More)

My Quotes on Storytelling

The great hero knows, which moment requires the drama, and which moment requires perfect sincerity. 

Life may be a drama,
We may be playing a mere role.
Yet with some people you need no scripts,
Coz' the dialogues come straight from the soul!!

Leaders must give a happy ending to the story. Even if it is, ''And they struggled happily thereafter.'' 

Sometimes the story does not need a villain. Life itself has become a villain, a test, to bring out your best. 

The tougher the battle, 
the more the hero's pride in winning,
Yet some battles may be lost, 
And the war must be won. 
Be the hero of your story!!! 

The average hero has stunning looks.
The good hero has stunning actions.
The great hero has stunning wisdom. 

Great heroes, want to stay human. They want to be respected, admired and role modelled. But they want to stay humble, they don't want to be worshipped and put on pedestals. 

A great story is a combination of sincere drama and dramatic sincerity. 

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  1. Dr. Nagpal - thanks for sharing. I really liked reading these two stories about selling through stories - consider me one of your regular readers from here on.

  2. Thanks Mr Abhijit for your feedback and kind words!!


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