WEB approach to Peak Potential

How can we realise our peak performance potential? What role does spirituality play in realizing our peak potential? How do move from the web of life to the web of happiness, joy and peak performance? I have developed WEB approach to answers these questions, which I was facing from clients regularly. 

WEB stands for Whole (Holistic), Energy and Balance. Let me explain what I mean by these terms, what their connection with spirituality is and how these concepts help us in realizing our peak potential in our personal and professional lives.

Whole-We are getting too specialization oriented and forgetting the big picture. Let us say, you are a finance specialist. Does that mean, you only need knowledge of finance? No you must understand the relationship Finance has with HR, marketing, IT and Production. That’s why I always say, “You need to be a Jack of all trades and Master of one.” Even in MBA institutes the focus is shifting to understanding the holistic nature of things and on integrating the specialization area with other areas. Spirituality always emphasises upon the holistic view or taking the whole into view, hence WEB approach is inspired by spiritual principles.

I have developed an interesting concept called Joy Quotient. If I express it in the form of a simple equation;
Joy Quotient (JQ) = KQ + CQ + DQ + WQ + RQ + LQ + PQ + GQ

Let us find the god in details now. Joy (or Joy Quotient) is composed of the eight quotients of KQ or Knowledge of self, CQ or Connection with self, DQ or Deepest Passion, WQ or Wisdom, RQ or Relationships, LQ or Leisure, PQ or Pamper (physical and emotional health) and GQ or Giving back. The first seven are the primary quotients because generally it’s when our own emotional and ego tanks become full that we want to give back to society. There are few exceptions of people, who in spite of being in middle class try to give back to society in kind, if not in cash. (My book with contributions from 18 authors from 6 countries entitled ‘The 7 Joys of Life’ discusses this concept in detail and will be releasing shortly.)

Energy-Once I had posted on Facebook, “God gave us two hands, we use mostly one, she gave us two- part brain, we mostly use one, she gave us matter and energy but we are focused on one. No wonder humanity has lost its balance.” We need to surround ourselves with people who lift us higher through their positive energy (which can come from vibrations, words and actions). We also need to remember that some people bring negative energy in our life. Either our energy should be more powerful to overpower their energy or we should simply stay away.

Meditation can help us discover our deepest passion and understand our innermost desires. Once we have discovered our deepest passion, we will automatically get the energy required to travel the path of our life’s mission and purpose. So if you have LIFE in your life, rest of the things will take care of themselves.

Balance- Once we have developed the holistic view of things and understood the role of energy, we finally have to strive for balance. Balancing is the toughest part of the job and can be like a tight ropewalk but it is worth it. You might ask me, “I want to balance but I lack the wisdom to do it. How do I know when to balance what, as we have to focus and sometimes a certain activity (like illness of loved one) can take all our time and energy and throw us off balance?” That is the challenge- to balance as much as possible, whenever possible and to the best of our ability. We will keep on failing and falling off the rope. But just remember fall seven times, stand up eight. The wisdom to find the balance will automatically come when you are connected with the best in you, your inner voice.

As you work on the WEB approach and realise your peak potential, you will we ready to come out of the WEB of life and ready to move into the WEB of perfect happiness and bliss.

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