Why Personal Branding is a Must for Creative Professionals?

Creative people generally get so absorbed and emotionally involved in their passion and work, that they forget to market and brand themselves. That is why many creative people live a life of a pauper. Many of them (highly creative) are often not interested in selling themselves and suffer financially because of this nature. 

Personal branding can help them in this area because if they build a strong brand they don't have to be pushy to sell their products. the personal brand creates a pull and their products sell on their own and at good prices. 

Thus Personal branding helps them generate revenue (generally it takes 2-3 years though) without hurting their self-respect and without going against their fundamental nature. Social media has made personal branding very easy and very little investment is required.

Internet in general and blogs in particular thus offer creatives a huge opportunity. They can post their paintings, cartoons, music (podcasts) and so on, on their blogs and reach international markets in a short period of time.

Are you ready for the dazzling personal branding journey?

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A Note (on traits of creative people)
Though I do not intend to generalize and stereotype but I have observed these tendencies personally. It is my strong opinion that creative people generally have these traits, though my opinion is not the ultimate truth.


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