Interview with Sada Nam Kaur, Life Mastery Coach, Spain

Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam* Interview series

(Global Leaders who have Enlarged, Excelled and Evolved into Global Personal Brands)

Area of Thought Leadership-Life Mastery/Self-Mastery

Tell us about your journey as a coach.

I think my journey as a coach started when I was 5 years old & I arrived at the school gates for my first day of school. There was another first dayer waiting there with her mum. She looked at me, then looked at her mum, said I can go in now, took hold of my hand & in we went together. I continued to coach other children with their school work all through school.

This is such a great question; it has me reflecting that the main theme of my journey has been joy. The sheer joy of seeing people begin to believe in themselves & of them coming into their own.

Professionally, I began coaching about 20 years ago now in London, before anyone was using the term. We realized that we could use the same techniques that one of my colleagues was using with Olympic athletes to support our executive clients to reach peak performance.

After a while I longed to work at a deeper level with people to enable them to reach peak performance through realizing all of who they are. Enabling them to become multidimensional human beings leaving nothing of themselves out & this is where I now am with coaching. 

What are the areas you focus on when coaching a client?
I am client led, so it depends on them. As coaches we have to be very careful not to delude ourselves into taking the position of rescuer or that we are wiser than the client & direct them from our agenda. I see each person in front of me as infinitely creative & the master of their destiny. I simply have tools & experience that will support them to unfold their potential. This requires me to get out of the way, listen profoundly & help them explore, so we both understand what is occurring for them & what they would like to create.

I support them in a number of ways, such as to:
  • Centre themselves deeply in who they are & what they most long to create in their life (professionally &/or personally).
  • Believe in themselves & their ability to create this, no matter how unchartered the water is.
  • Be able to manage their internal state & mind in any moment, so that it works for them rather than against them.
  • Align their subconscious so that all of them is moving in the same direction. This makes achieving their ambitions effortless or more accurately, it becomes flow.
  • Develop the habits that support this flowful achievement.
  • Develop the skills & abilities that high performers have (they can be summarized as emotional & social intelligence).
  • Define their ambitions & convert them into a “project” which is the clear steps they will take to make it a reality.
  • Initiate & maintain their motivation & passion as they realize themselves. 
Tell us something about accelerated learning & social intelligence. How do you improve these skills in your client?
Accelerated learning is the process that I use to support people to learn & change in less than a tenth of the time that it would normally take. For instance, today I taught a small group of 8 people (who had never previously done any personal development) to have a new world view & to be able to control & shift their internal state at will. They learned it in just 2 hours. It uses a combination of our physical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, visual & auditory intelligences. It also includes facilitating people to reach beta & theta brain states to access the power of the deeper parts of the mind.

Social intelligence is the ability to understand others & to express yourself well. When someone has a high degree of social intelligence they give other people the space to be who they are & to express themselves at the same time as maintaining their own personal authority & charisma. It gives them good judgment to be able to express themselves & act appropriately in any situation. It is a skill, rather like playing a musical instrument & you become virtuoso in it by practicing it step-by-step every day. I have broken it down into easily learnable steps, which are in workbook that my clients can work through at their chosen pace.

Tell us something about the Art of Being a Woman program.

As I was reflecting how to answer this question, I received a wonderful article from Michael Gerber (E-myth & Awakening the Entrepreneur Within) which answered it so eloquently & with more credibility, because it is said by a man. He wrote:

“The essential something about women is understood by every man I have ever met. Women have more energy than men. Much, much more. They can do more things than men can do. They are accustomed, as mothers, as daughters, as workers, as wives, as sisters, as friends, to step in to get the dishes done, the dinner cooked, the shopping handled, the breakdown fixed up, the relationship nurtured, the bills paid, the son & daughter cared for & put to bed, as well as gotten up in the morning to eat breakfast, to go to school, to complete their homework, to handle everything that has to be handled, usually before it needs to be handled…women are immense, culturally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, friendshiply…name me a man who can do what any woman not only can do, but has done, & will continue to do, & I will show you one man in fifty million.

I have never met that man. Never.

I have continually met that woman. I would say, most women I have met fit that picture.”

My Art of being a Woman program supports women to remember who they are & perhaps most importantly to trust in their vital perspective & approach to life & work.

Tell us something about Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini Yoga is the most rapid & effective method that I have found to create physical wellbeing & inner peace. It can also be used as an accelerated learning tool to develop emotional intelligence. For instance, how often is it people’s personal will & determination that lets them down? There is a Kundalini Yoga exercise called stretch pose that develops just this in as little as 30 seconds a day!

Everyone naturally has ease & joy in their centre, rather like a perfectly protected bubble of energy. However, over time & because of life experiences the bubble becomes a little dusty. Dust attracts dust, so that the shining light that we are is forgotten or at least we lose our abiding sense of it. When we just go through life or do our personal development work at a superficial level, we have the feeling that we are missing something. Kundalini Yoga cleans away that dust so that our radiant, joyful self can shine through, to be able to experience a deeper connection to joy, physical & inner well-being.

What exactly did you do at Industrial Society?
The Industrial Society dates from 1918 when the Reverend Robert Hyde who after visiting factories with appalling work conditions & also the Quaker shoe factories with good working conditions realized that industrial harmony had the capacity to create as much wealth as harsh taskmasters & conflict. Since that time it supported businesses to improve their profits through improving the quality of working life. It has evolved into the renowned think-tank the Work Foundation.

I worked for the Industrial Society as a management consultant, trainer & executive coach, mainly working with banks, accountancy & law firms.

Thank you Sada for the interesting answers and information. 

*"World is one family" in Sanskrit
Brief Profile

SadaNam has worked in personal development & coaching for over 20 years. She is an expert in intelligent teams & organisations, NLP, accelerated learning, flow, Emotional & Social Intelligence & women´s development. She was one of the first people to develop coaching in the U.K. 


Twitter: SadaNamKaur

LinkedIn: SadaNam Kaur


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