"She Was His Nirvana" And Other Stories on Love

 She was his Nirvana 

“In the emptiness, you will find all that you desire, and all that you deserve”, she said and smiled.

“Will I also find unconditional love there?” he asked.

“When you will send some, it will bounce back double in size”, she answered.

She was a little sage indeed.


“I am Serendipity”

“Ms Wisdom, where do I find serendipity?” he asked her.

“Chant the mantra, ‘I am serendipity’ and become serendipity in someone’s life. And then”, she paused.

“And then what?” he was bit by the curiosity bug.

“And then watch the dance of the Universe. Watch the flow of serendipity”, she smiled her mystical smile once again.

“A Quantum Leap”

“Enough of step by step progress. I wish to take a quantum leap now”, he told the little sage.

“I always take quantum leaps. And the Universe too leaps by my side matching my rhythm”, she answered and then jumped.

She was a Zen story. She was a beautiful Zen story.
“Twin Flame” 

“You are my twin flame. And our relationship keeps switching from intensely passionate to intensely painful”, he sounded perplexed. 

“I am your blessing. I am your lesson.” she replied and whispered, “And I am your Nirvana too”. 

“Indeed, you are my journey. You are my destination”, he had finally begun to enjoy the questions. 

No wonder he had nicknamed her, “The Little Sage”. 

“You are my Mirror” 

“When I talk to you, I become aware of my strengths. When I chat with you I see my weaknesses. Are you my mirror or what?” he asked her. 

“Yes I mirror your deepest desires, needs, and fears. I can also sense you feelings and moods” she answered. 

“Sometimes I also experience flashes of inspiration and I suddenly know facts about you that I have never known before”, he replied. 

“Perhaps you are my mirror too”, she smiled softly. 

“Nice to know that ‘Ms Little Sage’. You appreciate me silently, when you speak my language and talk my vocabulary”, he laughed. 

She preferred to be his constructive critic and did not appreciate him at his face. 

“I admire your Magnificence. I understand your Mess” 

“You always admire my magnificence, but don’t you get tired of my mess? Don’t you get tired of my paradoxes?” she asked him. She was neither scared of brutal honesty nor vulnerability. 

“I have my own paradoxes, my own mix of magnificence and mess”, he replied with equal brutal honesty. 

“I do express my irritation with that sometimes” she shot back. 

“That’s a choice you make. We are here to resolve our paradoxes, we are here to resolve our contradictions. Isn’t it?” 

“Indeed. Till we find our Nirvana”, she was quick witted. 

“A Flicker of Light” 

“Ms Little Sage, you came as a flicker of light in my life. Yet you have ended up as my enlightenment”, he appreciated her on her face once again. 

“We are all enlightened souls covered with a foolish mind. We are all light bulbs covered with dust. I just helped you clear your dust”, she sounded modest. 

“Are you the last step in my soul’s journey? Are you my last bond before I break free into Nirvana?” he posed his next question. 

“As your soul chooses to flow. If you would you like to spread the light around you, I may join as your purpose partner and we will light up one soul after another like the lamps of Deepawali”, she was a strange mix of the soft and the strong. 

“Oh that would be fun. 

Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.
Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Just walk beside me and be my friend”, he flashed his most winning smile. 

“Two enlightened souls are friends for sure. They don’t need leaders. They don’t need followers”, she was not interested in dominating anyone perhaps. 

And they began to walk into the light. 

Brief Profile

Dr Amit Nagpal is a business storyteller with a special interest in personal brand storytelling on social and online media. Inspirational storytelling of people is close to his heart and he likes to pen short stories on wisdom and love in his spare time. He has co-authored Amazon bestseller, “Personal Branding, Storytelling and Beyond”.

“From Marketer to Professor to Storyteller”, the six words tell his life story. He has been on a journey from unconscious storytelling in childhood to conscious storytelling in adulthood. He believes storytelling is omnipotent and can inspire, heal and build both brands and bonds.

To know more visit www.dramitnagpal.com.


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