Interview with Meenu Mehrotra, Relationship Coach

Meenu Mehrotra is a Relationship Coach. Her coaching style is based on empowering souls to grow & deepen enriching relationships with self & others. She is based in Gurgaon, India. 

Dr Amit Nagpal-How can a person improve his or her intuition?
Meenu Mehrotra- Intuition is NOT a gift as perceived by most. It is an inner guidance system which all of us are blessed with but it has to be used to be made strong- just like any other muscle in the body.

The best way to improve intuition is to start listening to your inner voice and act on it, even if it defies logic and reasoning. Intellect has no role here. It’s all about being still and listening to that small, feeble voice that guides you to act in a particular way all the time. Intuition is a whisper and to hear it, one has to go within and be in silence.

Meditation is a great tool to be more intuitive.

Being mindful is another powerful tool to strengthen one’s intuition. Just being aware of what’s going on inside and outside of you, listening to your body- observing the reaction of your body to emotions and feelings can teach you a lot. The signals and signs are everywhere all the time. You just have to be more observant.

Interestingly, one way to improve intuition is to beat the saboteur in you. Saboteur is the part of you that sabotages your empowerment and management of your truth. So each time, you feel like doing something but your saboteur convinces you, “Not now, later”, it is the best time to do it and beat your saboteur. It will improve your self esteem and the higher self esteem you have, the more intuitive you become.

Dr Amit- What are archetypes? How do they help in developing better self awareness and contribute to personal development?

Meenu- Archetypes are your intimate companions, guardians, & allies that provide the foundation for your personality, drives, feelings, beliefs, motivations & actions. Each archetype has a light and shadow side. Archetype is the language through which the divine talks to you. It is a universal pattern of power that you were born with. It’s in your blood & bones.

Each one of us has 12 archetypes and 4 out of these are survival archetypes which are common to all and form the trunk of the tree of rest of the 8 archetypes- Child, Victim, Prostitute & Saboteur.

Getting to know your archetypes gives you a deeper understanding of your light and shadow sides which can further help us understand our relationship with power- what empowers us and what dis-empowers us; where do we hold power and where we lose it- in our relationship to self and with others. Going deep down to know these forces is how we develop self esteem and soul stamina. They test us, strengthen us and give us direction about where the divine wants us to move.

Knowing your archetypes is knowing yourself as never before. We are more than our habits and we can know ourselves deeper only through archetypes, which is the symbolic language of the universe which can decode and discern what heaven is telling us. It accelerates and enriches the type of change that happens in your life because it’s a language that fundamentally maneuvers light and not matter. It heightens self awareness as no other tool of personal development can and is probably most powerful tool to understand self and others & the dynamics of inter-personal relationships.

Dr Amit- What is spiritual healing? How is it different from emotional healing?

Meenu - Spiritual healing is healing from the soul. Its deep and dirty work where you confront your deepest shadows and heal them by using various healing modalities. It is a part of emotional healing and is not separate from it. Deep emotional healing can only stem from spiritual healing. And each time we heal, we heal our ancestors as well. So healing is an empowering way to live and we all need to heal on a daily basis whether we feel we have no apparent reason or issues to do that. It’s like cleansing of the soul on a daily basis just like we clean our homes regularly, even if we do not see any visible dust or muck.

Dr Amit- How can creativity be used as a healing tool? 

Meenu- Creativity is about living in the present moment, in the here and now and creation can never happen in the past or future. Whether we draw, paint, write, sculpt or do any other creative job, it has to be birthed in the present moment. And to heal, creativity can be a wonderful and powerful tool. Each time we feel low or depressed, or even if we are dealing with a chronic emotional issue, creating something like drawing, doodling, painting, or writing a poem/ story can bring us right to the present moment and raise our vibration in an instant. And once we pursue this as a regular healing tool, we can raise our vibration as a soul on a permanent basis and we become more open and flexible to receive and give love and heal easily.

Dr Amit-You talk about empowering people especially women. What tools do you use for empowerment of women? 

Meenu- There are many tools I use for empowerment- inspiring and motivational talks for breaking their social and mental conditioning, helping them look at everything from a higher dimension; teaching them to be emotionally practical; EFT (emotional freedom technique) ;Meditation techniques; Archetypal consulting, Angel card reading; NLP techniques; Journaling as a healing tool, Energetic shifting through affirmations & chants; Storytelling. I innovate the tools as per the client’s needs. It is more customized than general. Empowerment and healing is an intimate process and different things work for different clients.

Dr Amit- Relationship with self is the foundation of relationship with others. How do you help people build better relationships with themselves and others? 

Meenu- Self love is the highest form of love and lack of it is probably the root cause of all relationship issues. So in order to teach people how to love themselves more, one has to facilitate them to develop a higher self esteem, strengthen their soul stamina, teach them ways to deal with their fears & doubts, guide them how to listen to their intuition and be less judgmental and work on their child, victim, saboteur and prostitute archetypes. 

It’s all about doing the inner work in order to develop a healthy relationship with your own self first which will organically lead to better relationship with others. It’s about the power and vibration you carry as a coach, that will impact and raise the vibration of your client in return. A client is an exact mirror of the coach so once you are energetically aligned with your client, reaching out and empowering them to become better, higher versions of themselves becomes an enriching journey for the coach as well. 

As they say, What I seek, is seeking me. It’s not only the thirsty that craves for water; the water too looks out for the thirsty.



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