Personal Branding as an Empowerment Tool

Life is unfair”, we all would have uttered these words at some point of time in our lives. In spite of being equally competent, many of us lose out at the workplace because we are/ were :- 

  • not educated at a premier b-school or 
  • educated in a small town or 
  • gentle/ unassertive nature or 
  • introvert or 
  • from poor / middle class family with no connections or 
  • are physically challenged or 
  • suffer due to gender stereotypes and so on.

Playing at a Level Playing Field

Here is an empowerment tool, which will put you at par or may be ahead in the career race. A book which guides you how to share your KVP (knowledge, victories and passions) to create a brand which helps you overpower your weaknesses. Here are a few examples of the value of personal branding:-

A CXO who was expecting to become a CEO was disappointed when his organisation recruited someone else. Thanks to his personal branding and frequent speaking assignments at conferences, he soon got an opportunity to become the CEO of another organisation.

An entrepreneur wanted to network with senior government officials and ministers and realised that while everyone knew about his organization, very few people knew about him.

A lady General Manager broke the glass ceiling and rose fast in the ranks to become CEO as her strong leadership skills were well known inside and outside the organisation thanks to her blogs.

A physically challenged manager became the CXO and member of his company’s board because he had written a book which brought to the fore his persevering spirit and his inspiring success story against all odds.

A young entrepreneur whose start up was little known in the business world quickly got an angel investor thanks to her personal credentials, her MBA from a premier business school and her goodwill among friends and family.

The book intends to handhold the reader on the journey from personal branding to inspirational storytelling, from base feelings to higher emotions, from “I, me, mine” to “You, we, us”. We cannot make the life fair. Yet this book will help you create a level playing field to increase your odds of winning.

About the Book

Personal Branding, Storytelling and Beyond is first book by Indian authors on the subject. The book is divided into three parts viz Personal Branding, Storytelling and Beyond Storytelling. The first part focuses on the basics of personal branding, the second part focuses on various aspects of storytelling and the third part focuses on interesting concepts like how to appear as an interesting person in your social media profiles.

The first part has dedicated chapters on writing skills, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Youtube, Blogging, email signature, online metrics and offline branding tools. The second part has dedicated chapters on digital storytelling, social media storytelling, inspirational storytelling and wisdom on social media. The third part ventures beyond storytelling into becoming an interesting person and so on. ‘Beyond storytelling’ is intended to create mystery and curiosity in the reader.

The book is similar to an idiot’s guide/ book for dummies in terms of its simplicity in assisting the reader in building up his/her personal brand in social circles irrespective of profession and field of thought. What one would learn by trial and error over a period of time, this very interesting book does for you in just few pages.

The book is co-authored by Dr Prakash Hindustani and Dr Amit Nagpal. While Dr Prakash is a mass media expert with more than three decades experience in print and television, Dr Amit is social and online media expert with more than two decades of experience in publishing, media and digital marketing.

The book has been published by Story Mirror, Gurgaon/ Mumbai.

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Book Reviews

Dr Amit Nagpal & Dr Prakash Hindustani have created a comprehensive guide to personal branding, designed to be particularly relevant to entrepreneurs and working professionals in India. They take a wealth of knowledge about branding and make it engaging and easy to apply. Whether one is new to personal branding, or exploring it deeper, there's something that will be useful to everyone. From the art of optimizing social media to the details of how to dress professionally to fit with a brand, the authors provide an enormous range of tools and relevant tips. And the material on storytelling is a great resource. Even reading the book outside of India with my background in business storytelling, I found much to chew on, and trust that this will be a "must read" for my Indian colleagues.

Sally Fox, Ph.D. Engaging Presence, Seattle /Washington, Organizational Consultant and Story Catalyst, USA


Personal Branding, Storytelling and Beyond by Dr. Amit Nagpal and Dr. Prakash Hindustani is a playbook for success using two of the most effective strategies in life and business. Each section provides a concise explanation of what you need to know and why. Tips are included so you can return to the text when you need help. But it's more than a business guide. The authors have taken a more holistic view and the content includes emotional and spiritual aspects as well. The result is a distillation of many years of knowledge and hard-won wisdom. This book will accelerate your path to success, save you lots of time, and help you to avoid many costly mistakes.

Jeff Rock, Founder and Chief Story Listener, Swift River Coaching, USA


"This is one of the finest books that I have come across that travels beyond the boundaries and limitations of stereotype personal branding and storytelling funda. What is so entirely gripping about this book is its selfless simplicity in assisting the reader in building up his/her personal branding/image in social circles irrespective of profession and field of thought. What one would learn by trial and error over a period of time, this very interesting book does for you just in a few pages! A must read!"

Shail Raghuvanshi, freelance journalist, editor, book reviewer and poet

(Poetry included in collection of 20 best women poets in India, launched by Former President Smt Pratibha Patil)

Bon Voyage.

10 Unique Features of the Book 

  1. Social Networking to Social Bonding
  2. From Branding to Bonding-The Journey
  3. Art of Perception Enhancement
  4. Beyond branding and storytelling
  5. Stories and Case studies
  6. Integrating social and mass media through storytelling
  7. Chapters dedicated to specific professions
  8. Tips and Tricks
  9. Cartoons, Screenshots and Infographics
  10. Reader friendly style 


  1. Your profile should be consistent across all your social media channels. If you describe yourself on LinkedIn as a passionate engineer, your other profiles should reflect this as your professional occupation. How much of your professional information you share in personal networks is strictly up to you, but you may want to think twice about oversharing personal information in your personal profiles. Read: 3 tips to build your personal brand online.


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