"Style wins over Substance" and Other Stories on Wisdom and Life

 Mini Stories on Wisdom and Life

"Style wins over Substance"

"What is more important in your view- style or substance?", she asked him.

"I am not a Guru. I can share my experience only. Perception is the only reality because most of the people look at the surface. Only few have the wisdom to dig deep. Therefore style often wins over substance", he shared the gist of his experience.

"I am in a profession which focuses on style. Yet I have more substance than style", she continued.

"When substance develops style, it becomes unbeatable like you. I used to sing for you- I am in love with you I like your style", he replied.

"So men fall in love with style not substance? And I don't have substance perhaps?", she asked.

"I had seen your 'style' only in those days. Now I need to add 'substance' to the song's lyrics", he smiled.


"There is something mysterious, mystical and misty about you. Tell me. I would like to pen your story", he told her.

"Are you sure of your readiness to do that?", she sounded doubtful.

"What do you mean? I didn't get it", he sounded puzzled.

"Unless you walk few miles in my shoes,
how can you tell my story.
Unless you have looked deep in my eyes & read my unspoken world,
how can you tell my story.

Unless you have listened to my heart pause & then beat again,
how can you tell my story.
Unless you have sung my song with the highs & lows, and trembled in its pain & danced in its joys,
how can you even think of telling my story", she mesmerised him with her deeply meaningful words.

"I will do the rest but don't expect me to wear your high heels", he sounded scared.

"Emotional Triggers"

"When do you feel the most creative? What inspires the finest creativity in you?, she sounded very much eager to know.

"You inspire my creativity. And you know that", he replied.

"Tell me in depth. What exactly triggers your creative expression?", she was persistent.

"Creativity is an expression of emotions. So first step is an emotional trigger. A song, a person, a memory which deeply moves you", he replied.

"And then?", she wanted to know more.

"The emotional trigger leads to a creative trigger. And my finest creativity happens when you are right in front of my eyes", he smiled.

"Ahaan. Now I know the complete secret", she was proud of being his inspiration.


"You are so popular among your friends...In fact you become popular wherever you go. What's the secret?", he asked her.

"It's because of my simple philosophy. My pain is only my pain. And my joys are everyone's joys", she replied without a thought ..........or even a blink.

(All characters appearing in the stories above are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. © 2016, Dr Amit Nagpal )

Brief Profile

Dr Amit Nagpal, PhD is a Business Storyteller, Keynote Speaker and Digital Storytelling Coach. He is one of the pioneers of digital storytelling in India. After working for more than two decades in academics, and corporates (including publishing, television and digital marketing), he realised teaching is meditation and storytelling is his Nirvana.

He is also Chief Inspirational Storyteller at AL Services. AL Services has co-created stories of some of the most inspiring people in India and abroad. He tweets at @DrAmitInspires. To connect / follow on social media, visit about.me


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