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I met Dr Sonica via social media and her passion for Ayurveda impressed me instantly. We got connected and I noticed that she had the zeal, passion and expertise required for mega success. All that she needed to do was to share her success stories and develop a strong reputation for her skills. In fact she already had written 3 books on Ayurveda, 2 of which are available on Amazon, which were published by Rupa & Co, a reputed Indian publisher. (Herbal Healers, Home Remedies and Healing through Ayurveda).

In our very first Skype chat she told me, “Right from the childhood days I was passionate about becoming a doctor and wanted to heal and nurture people. Later, when I grew up, I compared Allopathy, Ayurveda and other systems of medicine and found that Ayurveda was the best medicine system because of the rare side-effects and the focus on healing the root cause of disease. Hence I decided to enroll for an Ayurveda degree right after my high school.”

She added, “It was only during my studies that I started realizing the immense power of Ayurveda and developed a deep interest in the subject. Over the next few years I realized Ayurveda is my deepest passion and hence I have sustained my interest in Ayurveda. “ (Picture-Dr Sonica Krishan's book in a book shop in the reputed Ambience Mall, Gurgaon)

Her association with Ayurveda is now about 25 years old, and she finds joy in healing people and advising them about the merits of preventive healthcare. Of late she has developed keen interest in Holistic wellness (Healing of Mind, Body and Soul).

The Three Phases of Coaching
We started working on her social media presence and online branding in March 2012. In the first phase, I conducted need assessment and the client was asked to do a self-analysis. She was already active on Facebook pages and was writing for newspapers and magazines.

I explained the basic concepts like Visibility, Credibility and Profitability and the 4Cs of Social Media (Connect, Converse, Collaborate & Convert (into revenues). Other basics like art of storytelling, how personal branding works, how to create and build right perception and so on were also explained. The importance of good manners for social media and using soft marketing to create brand pull were also highlighted.

Though we worked together based on my Enlarge Excel Evolve philosophy, Dr Sonica is a wise lady and I only had to suggest practical ways of applying the wisdom on social media too. Then we defined her core competencies and how to align them with her brand values.

In the second phase, I coached her on optimization of the major social media tools like Facebook Page, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogging, Pinterest and others. Besides optimization we discussed concepts like email signatures, online metrics, collaboration in digital space, content aggregation methods, and role of aesthetics were demonstrated in context with each social media tool. (Picture-Dr Sonica addressing a conference organised by Himalaya Drug company)

We also covered miscellaneous tools like Quora, G+, Gravatar, Boxbe and so on and how to use them from the brand and reputation building perspective. The concepts of elevator pitch, personal portal and how to be interesting on social media were also demonstrated. The client was also advised to learn by observation of my profiles as it may give many ideas also.

We discussed SEO, SEM, SMO and such topics in brief too and how to improve blog traffic in detail. We discussed the art of storytelling in text and pictures. I have also coached her on giving better presentations and public speaking. The art of “Show, Not Tell” is a delicate art of personal branding which we have discussed at all the stages. We also discussed how other doctors and Ayurveda experts are doing personal branding across the world. (Picture-Dr Sonica reading her contribution to the book, "The 7 Joys of Life" at India International Centre, New Delhi)

In the third phase advanced topics like e-books, brochure design, PPT templates, newsletter, viral marketing, thought leadership, brand integration and ORM (Online Reputation Management) were covered.

We had Skype sessions for one hour every week and I used to load Dr Sonica with homework. Of course I was just an email away in case she had a query. It is a matter of pride to see DrSonica Krishan's work along with Deepak Chopra & Lissa Coffey in Tathaastu, now India's leading wellness and holistic living magazine (launched in US initially).

Then and Now
Today, she has a very popular Facebook Page (and has total of 5,000 plus likes, followers on her pages).  She has a very popular Blog and her presentation has been even featured on Slideshare homepage.

Now she writes for a number of leading newspapers, magazines and Pharma journals viz. Hindustan Times, Asian Age, Indian Express, Dainik Bhaskar (Hindi newspaper), The Times of India, and Drug One etc. She keeps getting requests from leading magazines, Newspapers, online media and other media to share her expertise through her articles, and also gets frequent invitations for speaking engagements. She writes content for a number of websites (Ayurveda niche) including sites managed by Chopra Centre, USA (Deepak Chopra). She has also become Editor for Ayurveda section with “All Things Healing”, a USA website and healing forum.

Dr Sonica is a thorough professional with the right combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes. I always say, “Personal Branding is not a substitute for quality, but is rather a tool to communicate your quality as a person-your knowledge, skills and attitude (KSA). So first develop your KSAs and then demonstrate them wisely.” (Picture-Dr Sonica's column with well known actor Anupam Kher alongside)

Dr Sonica shared her approach, “As Ayurveda and Natural Lifestyle Healer and Consultant, I generally offer guidance and therapy pertaining to patient’s ailment, along with medicines, recommendation of everyday regime/lifestyle as well as fitness training. The lifestyle guidance includes daily diet and activity pattern. At my clinic, I personally take care of pulse examination, thorough discussion with the patient to establish the basic Prakriti or Natural constitution of the individual. Then begins the quest for combating the Vikruti with herbs and natural ingredients based medicines and supportive therapies for correcting the dosha imbalance.”

She has benefited immensely from the coaching and is focusing on her core competencies of Author, Speaker & Consultant in the field of Ayurveda and holistic healing. She has recently presented at Fortis conference “Cardiomersion 2012 - Lifestyle & Surgery” (organised by the reputed Fortis chain of hospitals-See Picture on left), Chandigarh, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Chandigarh and so on.

As Picasso rightly says, "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." Dr Sonica was fortunate that she found her gift early in life and is giving it away generously too.

Dr Sonica has never shied away in expressing her gratitude. She told during an interview to an online magazine, "I would give much credit to my work present on Social Networking sites to Dr Amit Nagpal, who has patiently and enthusiastically coached me opening up all new ventures of personal branding for me. Thanks to him, as of now, I'm having and monitoring my websites, blogs, facebook, twitter, linkedin accounts and sharing my work efficiently, without much knowledge in this area."
She pointed out to me, “The affection, warm wishes and testimonials which I have received during the journey from my patients and clients has really touched me and inspired me to work even harder.” She has been Faculty of Aurveda at San Diego College of Ayurveda, USA. As she passionately adds value to peoples’ lives through her content, it is naturally going viral across the globe.
(Picture-Klout considers Dr Sonica, a pundit in her field)

Holistic Healing

Although being an Ayurveda doctor, as Dr Sonica entered the realm of Holistic healing, she developed the understanding that Healing of body and mind, develops by and large on the magnitude of developing positive vibrations of Spiritual healing. She says, "Writing on the niche' of Spiritual Healing has just come to me un-intentionally, and somehow I realize and believe that holistic wellness can only be achieved when the parameters of all three - Mind, Body and Soul are nourished with complete awareness." 

Lifestyle ailments like Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, Heart disease, Stress etc that are common today as well as highly crucial to deal with cannot be escaped easily without developing conscious detachment both with the predicament as well as its source. For example. losing weight becomes much easier when you have developed internal strength towards refraining from the sweets and fatty foods, than becoming slave to taste-buds. Dr Sonica Krishan writes regularly in well known Speaking Tree Blog (Picture-Dr Sonica's regular column in Deccan Chronicle) 

As per Dr Sonica's personal experiences total health is only possible through the element of Meditation. She has mentioned in her article - Being Aware is being Alive, She points out, "Let me tell you about my own experience. I lost weight by a simple process of awareness which I brought about into my diet and lifestyle. Nothing else worked so well! And it has been a valuable lesson for me to share. Introspecting on the subject of cultivating awareness, I can state that increase in consciousness and awareness result in focus on the present."

She has been also writing Spirituality column 'An Other Realm' in Sunday edition of Deccan Chronicle and Asian Age Newspaper. Her own experiences with practical Meditation has brought her closer to the arena of holistic wellness (Healing of Body, Mind and Soul) and this is what she also imparts in her workshops.And when she wants a break from her increasingly hectic work schedules, she has the “Silent Musings” , which also enlightens the readers with her soothing poetry.

Giving Back to Society
Dr Sonica is also taking sincere efforts in giving back to society by conducting free camps and similar activities, under the banner of the NGO 'NAYAM'.

As Dr Sonica nears the epitome of her potential and career, she also encourages others to realize their peak potential through the well being of mind-body-soul. Many more miles to go Doc and miles to heal too!


Dr Amit Nagpal is a Personal Branding Consultant & Deepest Passion Coach. He is based in New Delhi, India and specializes in personal branding with a holistic touch. His philosophy is, "Enlarge as a Human Being, Excel as a Social Media Being and Evolve as a Personal Brand" 

To know more about him, click here. Contact for personal branding/social media speaking/training/coaching. So if you still have doubts about the power of personal branding through storytelling on social media, connect with Dr Nagpal on Linkedin or Twitter and see for yourself.


About Dr Sonica's Workshops
Dr Sonica's Holistic Wellness Workshop imparts complete Natural balance of Body, Mind & Spirit.

She conveys that where the ancient science of Ayurveda and Dosha Healing helps in Dosha understanding and self care, Meditation provides us with the Spiritual Healing for our overall mental peace, balance and tranquility and the science of Yoga transforms our health for the better.

When the three Vedic sciences of Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga are applied together, these Natural healing disciplines work collectively and beautifully in great synchronicity for enhanced well being and holistic health.

The Holistic Wellness workshop provides a systematic exposure and practical training of Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga, which can be successfully utilized to prevent disease, and improve health and well being.)

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